Player Protection

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Player Info

The Commission’s primary function is to provide for the protection of players who choose to participate in the online gaming offered by the Commission’s permit holders. The Commission uses a variety of means to ensure that:

  • Interactive gaming is conducted responsibly, fairly and honestly; and
  • The operators of interactive games treat players fairly; that they pay winners promptly and that all information related to player accounts is held in the strictest confidence.

In addition, a variety of mechanisms are provided in the Commission’s Regulations concerning Interactive Gaming for the protection of persons under the full age of eighteen (18) years and for persons who are vulnerable to the risks that are associated with gaming. For example, the Regulations provide that:

  • gaming sites must provide a mechanism by which a player has the ability to limit his or her play – including setting the limit to zero;
  • the relationship between the operator, a gaming site and players must be contractual and must not contain terms that are unfair or unreasonable;
  • gaming sites must take adequate measures to protect the confidentiality of player information; and
  • rules of play must be clearly posted in English and any other such language as may be appropriate.

The Commission Regulations also provide dispute resolution mechanisms to address player complaints. In fact, the Commission’s staff includes a full time Dispute Resolution Officer to ensure that all player complaints are addressed in a timely way.

When submitting a complaint, please remember that it will jeopardize our ability to assist you if:

  • your complaint has been addressed previously;
  • your complaint is in the process of being addressed by another primary jurisdiction or recognized organization;
  • your complaint has already received a ruling by another jurisdiction or recognized organization;
  • your complaint has been discussed on any public forum;
  • you share information with the media.

As such, we reserve the right to cease our investigation and invalidate your complaint.

Player Limitations and Exclusions

The Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission is committed to the protection of players who choose to play on any interactive gaming sites that are licensed by the Commission.

Limiting your play

If for budgeting or other reasons you would like to limit your play and/or your deposit amounts on any interactive gaming sites – including setting your limits to zero – you must contact the administration of the interactive gaming site directly to make the necessary arrangements. If after setting limits, the interactive gaming site allows you to exceed these limits, please advise the Commission immediately so that the appropriate actions may be taken.

Excluding yourself

Players who have acknowledged that their gaming activities have become a problem and who wish to permanently exclude themselves from participating in further gaming activities may do so by submitting a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request form with the required personal information and government issued identification, to the Commission. Please ensure that you read this form carefully before submitting it.  After verifying your request, the Commission will take steps to have you permanently excluded from all interactive gaming sites that are licensed and regulated by the Commission. Once it is effective, your voluntary self-exclusion is PERMANENT AND IRREVOCABLE.

After the time and date that your voluntary self-exclusion is effective, you are prohibited from accessing, opening an account, depositing/withdrawing funds or playing on any interactive gaming site that is licensed and regulated by the Commission. If you breach this prohibition, any funds that you deposit and/or win will be forfeited to a third party charity selected by the Commission.

If you have any questions or need any other information about the Commission’s player exclusion processes, please contact us at:

NOTE: The Commission will use its best efforts to ensure any Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request is effected as quickly as possible. However, the Commission, its members, employees, advisors, agents and governing body are not responsible for any damages or losses that a player, and any associated person, may sustain as a result of, or related to, the player’s gambling activities, both before and after the effective date and time of a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request.   

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