Dispute Resolution

Please send complaints by email to: complaints@gamingcommission.ca or use the form below.

Complaints, queries and investigations are received and reviewed by the Commission in accordance with the procedures set out in each of the land based Regulations, and where appropriate, with the assistance of professional advisors. Any complaints about a licenced operator should be directed to the Commission. The Commission is committed to responding to complaints promptly.  Every attempt will be made to facilitate appropriate solutions between complainants and operators.

Please note: When submitting a complaint, please remember that it will jeopardize our ability to assist you if:

  • your complaint has been addressed previously;
  • your complaint is in the process of being addressed by a recognized organization;
  • your complaint has already received a ruling by a recognized organization;
  • your complaint has been discussed on any public forum;
  • you share information with the media.

As such, we reserve the right to cease our investigation and invalidate your complaint.

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