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MCK and KGC to attend Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto 

(Kahnawà:ke – 14, Ohiarí:ha/June 2023) Representatives from the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) and the Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission (KGC) will be attending this week’s Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto. Ratsénhaienhs (elected Council Chief) Michael Delisle, Jr. and Ashley Stacey, KGC Legal Counsel, will be present today.

“We are here today to ensure that attendees are properly informed about Kahnawà:ke’s jurisdiction in the online gaming sector,” said Ratsénhaienhs Michael Delisle, Jr. 

“The MCK and KGC were recently made aware of the Quebec Online Gaming Coalition, which intends to advocate for Quebec to adopt an online gaming framework like Ontario’s iGaming scheme. We will take all steps available to us to defend the important space we have carved out in Canada’s online gaming market and our online gaming model. At this time, there is no confirmation of any support for the efforts of the Coalition, by Quebec or otherwise,” added Ratsénhaienhs Michael Delisle, Jr. 

“The KGC has built and maintained a robust, fair, and well-respected gaming regime and intends to maintain the integrity of its regulatory position in Canada,” said Ashley Stacey, KGC Legal Counsel. 

Government Inaction 

The MCK has made several attempts to engage in meaningful discussions with Canada and Minister Justice Lametti to create meaningful space for First Nation-led gaming in Canada. However, Minister Lametti has failed to act on those discussions or the open letter his department sent to all First Nations in April 2021 in which he described Canada’s willingness to re-examine the Criminal Code’s prohibitions on lottery schemes to create space for First Nation-led gaming. “The MCK will continue to remain vocal and fight for our jurisdiction in this industry. We have been leaders in the gaming industry for over 25 years, and we aren’t going anywhere!” said Delisle.

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